Remote Control

Model UB-6035R (elongated or round front)

A click of the button can allow you to experience clean at a revolutionary level. Clean Touch Bidet will keep you fresh and comfortable all day and leave you feeling better by preserving our Environment.


  • Warm Water Spray
  • Two Nozzles
  • Warm Air Dry
  • Heated Seat
  • Soft Close Lid & Seat
  • Remote control
  • Deodorizer
  • Power Save Function
  • White or Biscuit colour


  • Bathroom comfort
  • A must for Home Spa
  • Men & Women of all ages
  • Bathroom independence


Please check toilet dimensions to ensure proper fit. Will fit most 1 and 2 piece toilets. Round Front seat may fit some elongated toilets better.

Note: For best fit on Round Front bowls, distance from tank to inside front of rim should be at least 17-1/2″. If measurement is less than that, a portion of the rim may be visible but should not interfere with use.


Colours White & Biscuit
Power Outlet Requirement 120V, 60Hz, 660W, GFI receptacle required
Water Supply Direct connection to water line. Connection parts included
Water Temperature Low, Medium, High (to 40 deg C)
Seat Temperature Low, Medium, High (to 40 deg C)
Drying Temperature 5 settings (to 60 deg C)
Water Pressure 5 settings ~ flow rate 0.8 – 1.0 litres per minute
Seat Sensor Switch Yes. Seat must be engaged to operate
Adjustable Nozzle 5 settings forward & back
Control Panel Remote control
Water Tank 800ml ~ Water heated in tank
Safety Feature Thermal shutoff – fuse against overheating/ Circuit breaker – 15mA with 0.1 second trip
Remote Model Dimensions Elongated: 20-1/2″L x 15-3/8″W x 5-5/8″H/Round front: 19-3/4″L x 15-3/8″W x 5-5/8″H
Round front 19-3/4″L x 18-3/8″W x 5-5/8″H
Power Cord 4ft. (1.2M) rear center

Clean Touch FAQ’s

How do they work

Sit on the seat and press the Cleansing (posterior) or Bidet (feminine) button. The retracted nozzle automatically cleans itself and extends. The nozzle directs a gradual, precise spray of water while it gently oscillates back and forth. Oscillation can be turned on or off by re-pressing the button. After 1 minute the spray stops or press the Stop button anytime. The nozzle automatically retracts and cleans itself again.

How do I adjust the nozzle position during use?

Remote model – press ‘Nozzle Position’ button and then press Up / Down arrows.
Console model – press FR / BK buttons

How do I increase or decrease water pressure during use?

Remote model – press the Up / Down arrow buttons.
Console model – press HI / LO buttons

How does the air dry work?

After a wash cycle, press the Dryer / Dry button. Adjust temperature by pressing Up / Down arrows (Remote) or HI / LO buttons (Console). Air dry lasts 3 minutes, or press Stop button anytime.

Does the seat have a sensor switch?

Yes, the seat sensor is built into the seat. The seat must be engaged for the sensor to activate. (Note – Avoid sliding back and forth on seat during use)

Which settings are best for first time users?

Water and seat temperatures set to low. Settings may be increased after initial use. (Units
continuously draws in fresh water during wash cycle, so users may notice gradual drop in temperature.)

How do I manually clean the nozzles?

Remote – press the small Cleaning button under the remote flap.
Console – press FR / BK buttons.

Note: Do not activate seat sensor for this function.

What is the red and green light?

Red light will flash for 20 seconds when the unit is plugged in. Steady red light indicates ready for use. Green light indicates user has turned on power save function.

Can I use toilet bowl cleaner or bleach to clean the unit?

No. Harsh cleaners will damage the ABS plastic. Use water and cloth only. A mild antibacterial soap may be added.

Should I drain the water tank before moving or shipping the unit?

Yes! The unit must be drained and unplugged if not used for an extended period, or if there is a risk of freezing.

Canada Warranty

Products are made with the highest possible materials and workmanship. The manufacturers carefully test every unit before shipment. Products are guaranteed to be free of defects for 2 years* (Clean Touch), 2 years (Nean-A) and 5 years (Sunflower) from date of purchase. Sales receipt is proof of purchase. Warranty is limited to original purchaser and is not transferable.

Obligations under this warranty are limited to repair or replacement of product or parts found to be defective, provided such product was properly installed and used in accordance with instructions. Right is reserved to make inspections as necessary to determine the cause of defect. Labour or parts will not be charged for authorized warranty repairs or replacements. No responsibility is assumed for the cost of removal and/or reinstallation of product.

Warranty Excludes the following:

  1. Damage or loss caused by improper use or maintenance, negligence or abuse.
  2. Damage or loss caused by improper installation, removal, repair or modification.
  3. Damage or loss through natural disasters (fire, flood, electrical storm, etc.)
  4. Damage or loss from installation in a harsh or hazardous environment.
  5. Damage or loss due to chemical, mineral, or sediment content in the water system. A water softener or filter is recommended in areas with strong mineral content in the water. High chlorine in the water and chlorine cleaners can damage this product.
  6. Year 2 does not cover physical damage to Uspa lid or seat.